Our History

In 1892, Henry B. (Benton, or “Ben”) South, along with three partners, started the Tube City Printing Company, which soon became a highly respected printing business in the community. It has remained, with only one name change, to the present day.

Henry had been foreman at the McKeesport Sunday Herald for seven years when the break came and he and the others went into business for themselves. During this time, and for years after, scores of young printers learned their trade under his guidance.

In 1896, Boyd and Pitts retired from the business, and two years later Craig retired. South remained as sole proprietor, renaming the business “H. B. South Printers.”

After a life of providing printing service to McKeesport businesses and individuals, “Ben” South passed away in August, 1937. He was survived by his widow, Minnie; three sons - Harry B., Arthur, and William; and two daughters, Mrs. Joseph W. Black and Mary.

He was prominently identified with several lodges in the city: Mckeesport Lodge No. 136, B.P.O. Elks; McKeesport Lodge No. 285, F.O. Eagles; and the local lodge, No. 41, of the L.O.O. Moose. He was also affiliated with McKeesport Turnerbund and Germania Lodge No. 1919 of the Standard Life Association.

Upon Henry's Death, his sons, Harry, Arthur and William took over the business. In the early 1960's Arthur passed away. Harry and William ran the business until the early 1980's. At this time, Jim South, Harry's Son, purchased the business from Harry and William. He remained the Sole Proprietor until the 1992 when Jim's sons, Mark and Marlin, took over the business.

H. B. South, Printer changed it's name in 2010 when the company became a corporation. It has been passed on from father to sons for four generations. Mark South and Marlin South are the current owners.